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    seif Al-Gamdi


    Belkiz Kurtulus

    I thank Bilqis because through her I got great services When I went to a skin care salon through her

    Meryem Kurtuluş

    Belqis is a complete translator that helps you beautify in any way. Good and calm people who helped us with him in everything we need, inshallah❤ Thanks to Belqis

    Eman Alqallaf

    I thank Belqis specially because it was through her that I received great services and I thank doctors because they are good and friendly
    When I went to a hair transplant and they very good

    aboood mustafa

    Prp process is nice 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Duygu Kirk

    First of all, I would like to thank Ms. Belkız for her interest, I was really satisfied with the comfort and comfort in the family environment, I would recommend it to everyone.

    Ersin Oğuz

    The team, which closely follows the planning and treatment processes required for dental treatment, is waiting for you in the waiting room until the end of the procedure. They negotiate the prices on your behalf and even offer a warm coffee if you are available. Congratulations.

    Safa Başakçılardan

    It was a great experience working with Trenta Health& Consulting. I got very good results with your professional team, your friendliness and correct guidance. Thanks again and again…

    Aslı TURAN


    • What to pay attention while Choosing the Hospital?

      As you may all know Turkey is a very popular destination for Medical Services.There are lots of options and many different price ranges when it comes to getting a service on Medical Services.
      Focusing only on the price is not the right way to decide the Company.While searching about the options the tools and the methods that will be used is very important.Try to see the before-after pictures of the related surgery and get information about the Surgent.
      Contact with Trenta Health for a details about our services and a personalized offers.

    • What are the advantages of Trenta Health?

      Trenta Health is an experienced Medical Tourism company that provides all your needs in the field of Medical Health and stays with you during all the process.
      We analyse all your needs online before your arrival and according to your needs and wishes we create a personalized package only for you.
      Accomodation , Surgent , Transfers… you don’t need to think about these , Trenta Health handles it with care..
      The only thing you should do is to enjoy your Beauty Journey…

    • What are our most preferred Operations?

      Hair Transplantation , Rhinoplasty (nose-job), Breast Operations, Abdominoplasty (tummy-tuck) , Liposuction (fat removal) , BBL, Dental Implants and Hollywood Smile.
      These are the most preferred surgeries.

    • How to apply for the Services of Trenta Health ?

      All you need to do is filling the Application Form.You will be called by the experienced team for all the details.As soon as you decide to proceed with Trenta Health , all the details will be organized on your behalf and you will be informed step by step.

    • Why Istanbul for Medical / Health Tourism ?

      Istanbul is a very cosmopolitan city with so many tourist attractions , museums , restaurants , shops and historical places.Besides all these İstanbul / Turkey is very famous on Health Services with the luxury hospitals , latest technological tools and experienced Medical Teams. While getting an affordable and high quality service you can also enjoy the city during your stay.