360 Body Tightening

360 Body Tightening

360 Body Stretching-tightening is a surgical operation that provides recovery of the whole body after rapid weight loss, hormonal factors, obesity surgery, sagging. Excess fat and tissues in the middle and lower abdomen, upper legs, inner legs, back, buttocks and waist are removed and it is aimed to make them more tightened. 360 body lift surgery is an operation that is recommended to be performed when the person reaches an aimed and fixed weight. This operation, which is performed under general anesthesia, takes 4-5 days.

After Care

● The hospital stay is 1-2 days. You will be discharged after the doctor’s control.
● It is normal to feel pain and tension after surgery.
● You should avoid sudden movements.
● You should use the medicines given by your doctor regularly.
● It is not recommended to do abdominal exercises for the first 6 weeks after the operation.
● It is normal to feel pain for a few days after surgery.
● After the operation, it is recommended to walk by bending down to avoid tension in the suture
line, and to put a double pillow on your back while sleeping.
● It is recommended to wear a corset for 1.5 months after the operation.
● It takes 6-12 months for you to see the final result.
● Activities that require weight can also be started on the date recommended by the doctor.
● You can take a shower from the date your doctor tells you.
● We recommend that you do not disrupt your controls during the recovery period and keep in
touch with your health advisor

FAQ About 360 Body Tightening

  • How many hours does it take?

    It takes 3-4 hours on average, depending on the amount of the stretching area.

  • Can it be combined with other processes?

    It can be combined with other body shaping processes according to the suitability of the person.

  • From what age is it done?

    It can be applied to all healthy individuals over the age of 18, if needed.

  • How many days should I spare?

    It is sufficient to spare 7-10 on average for the procedure.

  • Can I get pregnant after body lift?

    Body lift operation does not cause any obstacle to getting pregnant.

  • Can I breastfeed after body tightening ?

    You can easily breastfeed after the body tightening operation, there is no damage to the milk ducts.

  • When will I see the result of the surgery?

    Immediately after the body stretching operation, the person sees tightening and tension in his body, but the completion of the process is completed in 6-8 months.

  • How soon after giving birth can I have a body tightening ?

    9 months later will be enough.

  • Will my body stretch marks be visible?

    As in all other surgical procedures, body tightening is a procedure performed by opening incisions, but the scars are in the form of fine lines and will become almost invisible by taking the same color as the skin over time.

  • If weight is gained after the surgery, will the same problem be encountered again?

    Since liposuction will be performed at the same time in the operated area, the fat cells will be reduced by half, so a lubrication as before cannot be expected.

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