Breast Lifting

Just like with breast prosthesis, sagging breast tissue can be seen in people due to reasons such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, genetic factors and rapid weight gain. The aim of breast lift surgery is to lift the breast tissue in accordance with the body type and to fill it with silicone prosthesis support depending on the person’s desire and needs.  In some cases, it can be done without prosthesis. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and it takes around 2.5-4 hours.

After Care

  • The Hospital Stay is 1-2 days.The patient is discharged after the control with the Doctor

  • It is normal to feel pain and tension in the surgery area.

  • You can see the result of your breasts immediately after the operation, but it has to be known that there are still swelling and you will see the final result after 6 months.

  • Since your breasts will get smaller, you can get rid of your waist and back pain immediately.

  • After the operation, you will be informed by nurses on what to eat and when to walk.

  • Painkillers will be given intravenously during your stay in the hospital.  You can start using pain killers after the discharge.

  • After finishing medicines that are prescripted by the Doctor, you do not need to use any other medicines.

  • It is normal to see some bruises after the following days from the surgery.Starting from the first week this problem will start to go away.

  • From the 3rd day after the operation, you can start walking for sports .

  • It is allowded to have shower after the 3th day.

  • It is recommended to stay away from heavy housework and sports during the recovery period.

  • You can start driving 1 week later from the surgery.

  • You can swim after 2-3 weeks after the surgery.

  • We recommend that you to come for your controls during the recovery period and keep in touch with your health advisor.


F.A.Q About Breast Lifting Surgery

Is it a painful procedure ?

Just like the other surgeries Breast Lifting operation is performed with general anesthesia, the person does not feel any pain during the procedure, painkillers are given intravenously during the hospital stay, so it is comfortable after the operation, but because the incisions in the breast area are made and implants are inserted, people feel pain when the effect of painkillers goes away . As long as painkillers prescribed by the doctor are used, this pain can be kept under control, this process lasts for maximum 1 week, then there is no problem with pain.

How long does the procedure takes?

The operation approximately takes around 2-4 Hours

Is there an age limit for the operation?

It is generally needed after breast-feeding, advancing age or extreme weight loss, but can be done anyone after age of 18.

How many days do i need to spare?

It will be sufficient to spare 1 day for the operation and hospital stay, and 1 week for the completion of all controls and the recovery process.

Will i be able to Breastfeed after the surgery ?

The operation is carried out with great care, taking into account the expectation and priority of the person, and the milk ducts are tried to be protected.

When can i see the result?

The size and shape of the breast is clearly visible immediately after the operation, but the clearest image appears after 6-8 months.

Will the scars be too obvious?

Like every surgical procedure, there are marks in the incisions after breast reduction, but the scars are minimal so that they do not disturb the patient. In this process, it is also very important for patients to care for wounds and pay attention to the points that need attention.