Dental Implants


Dental implants are the preferred and most common treatment method for replacing teeth in poor condition and adding missing teeth. In the surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia, the root of the tooth is replaced with a screw that is screwed into the bone and the new, healthy teeth are placed on it in place of the missing ones.
In the first stage, the condition of the patient’s upper and lower jaw bone is checked. The condition of the jawbones affects the application of the treatment. If there is a lack of bones, bone grafts can be added to the treatment.
In the first part of the treatment, metal tooth roots are screwed to the jawbone. After the screws are placed, temporary teeth are installed on the implants so that the patient can continue his normal life. The procedure usually ends within a day or two depending on the amount of implants and the condition of the jaw bone.
To move to the second part of the treatment, you have to wait until the implants are attached to the jawbone. The process usually takes place within 3-4 months.
In the second step, the crowns are made according to measurements of the mouth and the implants and the permanent crowns are assembled on the implants. The process is usually completed within 5-6 days.