Double Chin Surgery

It is one of the minimal operations that gives a very practical quick solution, which is most preferred by people who experience very sudden weight loss, who have a jowl despite not being overweight, who have lost their jaw line.

After Care

● You can be discharged on the same day.
● The bruise that may occur in the jowl area is expected to pass 2 weeks after the operation.
● It is normal to feel pain after the operation.
● You should wear your corset for the period recommended by the doctor.
● It is expected that there will be edema in the area after the operation.
● You should use the medicines recommended by the doctor regularly.

FAQ About Double Chin Surgery

Is it a painful procedure?

It is a very comfortable process that can be easily overcome with painkillers.

How many hours does it take?

The process varies according to the targeted amount of fat.

From what age is it done?

It can be done to anyone who is 18 years old or older who needs the procedure.

How many days should i spare ?

It will be sufficient to spare 1 day for the operation.