Bichectomy Surgery

Bichectomy surgery (Hollywood cheek), which has recently become one of the most popular surgeries among celebrities, is an operation performed by removing the fat inside the cheeks to give the facial features a sharper appearance.It is one of the operations that can be applied both in males and females , who have full cheeks and a round face line, apply to have a V line. It is an operation that is recommended to be performed after the person’s facial features are settled. There are no visible traces as it was made inside the mouth. It is an operation that takes 45-50 minutes.

After Care

● Immediately after the operation, the person can continue his daily life.
● Taking care of Oral hygiene is important.
● In order to avoid infection after the first few days, your teeth should be brushed and mouthwash should be made after each meal.
● It is recommended to consume liquid foods, as there will be stitches in the mouth for the first few days.
● It is normal to feel pain after the surgery and it is expected to have slight swelling on your face.
● The change in the cheek starts to be noticed after 3-4 weeks, but it takes 6-12 months to see the final result.

FAQ About Bichectomy Surgery

Is it a painful procedure?

It is a very comfortable and painless procedure.

How many hours does it take?

It takes 45-50 minutes on average.

From what age is it done?

Available to anyone aged 18 and over.

How many days should i spare ?

It will be sufficient to spare 1 day for the procedure.